Mom Has Dementia – I’m Never Sure What to Expect

It started with simple forgetfulness. We thought that was all there was to it. Where did I leave my keys? I can’t find my glasses. I missed my doctor appointment.

Over time, it worsened. Mom seemed to be confused. She wasn’t sure what day it was; she wasn’t sure where she was; she didn’t even remember if she had eaten breakfast or lunch. She probably didn’t.

We Tried to Let Her Live Alone

There may have been confusion about events, dates, and simple tasks, but she was adamant about staying in her home and holding onto her life. One day it became obvious that could no longer continue, and Dementia was setting in.

She wandered off and was missing for more than 24 hours. The police, the fire department, even the canine squad spent the day looking for her. A hard rain wiped away her scent and left us afraid for her. Finally she was found, slightly damaged, but it was very clear we could not continue as we had.

Now I’m a Caregiver

Now my life has been turned upside down. I am so busy trying to figure out what it means to care for my forgetful mother, I forget to eat. I didn’t go on that run today. I forgot to comb my hair before I left the house!

After the first week of her moving in with me, I’m not sure which end is up. I am relieved that Mom is safe in my care, but I am exhausted and very uncertain of the future

Are You Living with Dementia?

Maybe you are in the first stage of the condition. Maybe you are further along and don’t really know it. Maybe you are a caregiver like I am, wondering how you are going to get out of bed in the morning and do it all again tomorrow.

As the illness progresses, I’m sure it will get even harder. I need help!!!

Online Counseling

If I fall apart, where will that leave Mom and I?

In addition to what I have read online about dementia to understand the condition, online therapy has been extremely valuable. It is my time to voice my fears and concerns and find positive ways to go forward.

Professional counseling has effectively help me with the emotional, behavioral, and psychological impacts of the condition, including fear, depression, and anxiety. I truly believe that my therapy is instrumental in maintaining my mental stability, allowing us both a better quality of life.

Patient or Caregiver

Teletherapy sessions are very advantageous. We don’t have to travel, which is a big ordeal right now.  We connect online in the convenience of our home. We can meet with a counselor separately or together. We are learning and coping with our new situation. We are extremely grateful.

When you need help you with the emotional challenges of dementia, ACT Teletherapy provides online sessions personalized to the specific needs of patients and caregivers. Contact us at 833.928.1430 to learn more.


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