When the world was ordered to work from home, many people were pleased about not having to drive to work. But reality dawned. Now, many parents wish that they could leave the house and go to work like the good old days. Remote working with kids around can be a major nightmare. As a work-from-home mom or dad, you take on multiple roles: your day job, parenting, teaching, and with restaurants closed, more cooking. Phew! That can be too much to handle. Here are a few ideas that might help.

Keep the children busy with lots of homework

Many children are still learning from home at this point during the pandemic. When it comes to home-schooling or remote schooling, you are either the teacher or the coordinator, so you must wear a different hat. Homework comes first before play. Set this boundary and help your child understand that you also need time to do your homework.

Don’t keep working after 5

When it’s time for family time, turn off your computer and give your kids and partner the attention they deserve. This is not just good for them; it will help you to unwind too. And given the infectious anxiety and worry that characterizes this period, talking to your family—venting—is critical for emotional wellbeing.

Designate a workplace and work time

When it’s time for work, get into the home office and lock the door behind you. Remove distractions so that you can work efficiently. Otherwise, failure to meet work deadlines and KPIs at this time can be a major contributor to stress and mental health problems.

Have time for yourself

Before the pandemic struck, you probably would pass by the gym or see a friend after work. You had an evening hobby and a favorite TV show. These things are important when it comes to mental health and overall wellbeing. Find ways to keep doing that by working out at home, going for a stroll, or talking to your friends online.

Get help with household chores

Encourage everyone to participate in household chores, including the children. Teach them to make their bed, pick up their dirty clothes, and straighten their room. Having one less thing on your to-do list can give you peace of mind.

Call for help when you need it

Sometimes we are strong enough, and we cope, but other times, we crash under it all. Such as when a child has ADHD or you are struggling with anxiety, bipolarity, or PTSD. We are here to help.

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