When a family goes through big changes or is experiencing serious problems functioning as a healthy family unit, often, seeking a family conflict therapist can help. But it isn’t always easy to determine when it’s time to take such a step, so ACT Family Counseling is here to help.

If you think you might need a family conflict therapist and aren’t sure about how to find one, here are some important tips for you.

How to Determine When You Need a Family Conflict Therapist

There are often many reasons one might seek out a family conflict therapist, such as when:

  • Family members tend to have extreme emotional reactions.
  • Family members have trouble functioning in their normal capacity with your family.
  • Family members are withdrawing from family life.
  • There is a big communication gap between family members of your family that aren’t talking to each other.
  • There are violent symptoms from family members.
  • Family members express feelings of hopelessness or helplessness.
  • Your family has been through a traumatic experience and some members are having trouble coping with it.

Finding the Right Family Conflict Therapist for You

When it comes to finding a family conflict therapist to work with, there are several avenues you can take, the first being asking your family physician for recommendations. Often, family doctors will refer their patients to qualified family counseling services.

Another is personal recommendations. Perhaps you have a close friend who’s been through something similar, or you know someone currently in therapy; don’t be afraid to ask for help and recommendations.

Lastly, if you’re a member of a church or religious community, asking the leader of your group or congregation if they have any suggestions can also help you find the help you need. In many cases, there will be counselors of your particular faith that might better understand your family’s needs.

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