Leslie Becker, LMFT

License # 127676

Stephanie Sanchez

Welcome, my name is Leslie Becker. I have been a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist for
over 30 years, practicing Humanistic/Experiential Therapy with individuals, couples, families
and groups in a variety of settings. We will work together to bring your Mind, Body and Spirit
back into balance and harmony during our therapy sessions.

My Approach and Values

I utilize various modalities including DBT Dialectical behavioral therapy prioritizing acceptance and emotional regulation. One of my passions and specialties is Developmental Trauma and Sexual Abuse Survivors Recovery. I am an Adoption Competent therapist with my backround in Primal Therapy and Emotional Intelligence recognizes everyone as unique and needing to be seen for being an individual. I believe everyone has the knowledge inside themselves to live their best life. I will guide you back to your true self.

My Expertise

I have experience working inpatient, outpatient and residential therapeutic centers. I have been a clinical supervisor and clinical director for substance abuse and residential treatment facilities addressing all aspects of the human condition: Depression, anxiety, Developmental Trauma conception to adults with having started at home family coaching for Post-Partum Depression, Substance abuse with Co-Occurring disorders. I am dedicated to helping all humans and welcome my LGBTQIA humans to seek support in a safe space with me. I will be honored to walk with you back home to yourself in therapy with me. It is a great adventure, and it takes courage. Let’s do it together.

My Education

I have a Bachelor of Arts in Experimental Psychology with the emphasis on Experiential Therapies like Equine Assisted Psychotherapy using horses to help humans heal, Biofield Tuning and Reiki II therapy. My masters is in Education: Marriage and Family Therapy teaching, counseling and coaching individuals, couples and families.

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