For many of us, May is a beautiful spring month full of blossoms and renewal. In this spirit, we celebrate Mental Health Awareness Month. We use this time to raise awareness about mental health and the stigma associated with mental illness. We acknowledge mental health problems small and profound and send healing thoughts to all those in need.

You Are NOT Alone!

And so many of us are in need. One in five people will experience mental illness during their lifetime and nearly everyone will be subjected to the influences and challenges in life that threaten our mental health. By raising awareness during the month of May, we hope to encourage everyone to embrace positive attitudes, show empathy to those who are suffering, and seek mental health care if needed.

Mental Health Affects Physical Health

Mental health is delicately balanced with your physical health. When we are physically healthy, we are more likely to be able to withstand the conflicts and challenges that lead to mental health problems. And likewise, when we are mentally healthy, we are probably taking good care of our physical bodies. However, should either mental or physical health decline, it is fairly likely that both will suffer. While it may be easy to make a clear distinction between the mind and the body, the two are definitely not inseparable.

Celebrating Mental Health Awareness

Whether you are challenged with mental health issues or not, you probably know someone who is. Here are some positive ways you can celebrate Mental Health Awareness month and make a difference in your life and with someone else.

  • First, and most importantly, prioritize YOUR mental health.
  • Reflect on your own mental health. Are you getting enough rest? Exercise? Healthy meals?
  • Take time for yourself
  • Acknowledge your accomplishments large or small
  • Start a conversation
  • Offer a random act of kindness…or forgiveness
  • Enjoy a family member or friend’s company
  • Stop to enjoy some small detail
  • Just smile
  • Hug your dog, pet your cat, treat your special animal; they are often a positive influence

We believe that Mental Health matters. Like our physical health, we sometimes need the help of a trained professional to get us back on track. If you are looking for a mental health counselor, reach out to us for personalized counseling and in-person therapy, and now available by text, video, or phone. Let us help you get back on track, one that moves you along your journey to better mental health!!!


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