Dealing with the current chaotic environment is no easy task. Staying COVID safe when your friends are not can be challenging for everyone involved. With mixed messaging tossed about from every avenue imaginable, it can be difficult for many social butterflies to comprehend the need to stay on guard. How can you enjoy time spent with a dear friend and communicate your need for maintaining healthy social distances? Maybe you have someone at home who is particularly at risk; maybe you are. Just know, that you have socially distanced friends within reach who can help you stay COVID safe when your friends are not.

Counseling through the COVID Crisis

ACT Family Counseling offers you the perspective and prep you need to tackle tough topics. COVID shouldn’t be the reason to cancel pleasure in your life. You can enjoy the company of others in responsible, loving ways without the drama! But how? First, let’s chat about “communicating” clearly. Here are some tips for when you are trying to share your heart about staying COVID safe when your friends are not:

  • Make open-ended inquiries
  • Check non-verbal cues
  • Set aside your “reading-mind” goggles
  • Steer clear of blame games

Good communication creates lasting friendships. Need more guidance? ACT Family Counseling is ready to help!

Staying COVID Safe When Your Friends Are Not “CAN” Be a Positive Experience

It can be a definite positive to receive counseling from experts in communication. At ACT Family Counseling, we guide you toward your goals while keeping you safe. Our online counseling can help you find solutions to solve the complex challenges in your life. Staying COVID safe when others are not, especially when they are your friends, can be tough. You don’t want to offend, you don’t want to seem withdrawn, just safe yet social.

You can draw close to your friends from a safe distance. We can show you how by giving you the tools that will ensure your friends feel appreciated and you stay COVID safe!

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