Coping with the Effects of Unemployment

Coping with the Effects of Unemployment

Many people around the world have been left jobless because of COVID-19. You get fired without notice or your business closes its doors. This has plunged the world into sleepless nights over rent, mortgages, school fees, and daily sustenance. There is a high risk of developing anxiety and depression over these fears and worries. ACT Family Counseling recommends the following to take care of your mental health and overall wellbeing:

Allow yourself to feel angry, sad, and anxious

Don’t fight the feeling. Allow yourself to get angry or frustrated. Let yourself be sad, anxious, and everything else. This is a therapeutic strategy recognized as ACT—acceptance and commitment therapy. It works well to remind you that in many things, as humans, we have no control. Once you accept what is happening, it becomes easier to adapt and make the needed survival changes.

Maintain perspective

It is easy to blame yourself for the job loss and financial turmoil that characterizes this period. Don’t do that. Keep in mind that many people have been affected by the scourge of the pandemic. Organizations have had to make tougher decisions to downsize. It’s not your fault, and it’s certainly not your boss’s fault.

Seek help with essentials

Many states, local, and government resources have been mobilized at this time to help those in dire need. If you cannot meet your basic needs, such as food and shelter, find a local shelter or food bank in your community for assistance. And do not forget to file for pandemic unemployment insurance relief. The benefits, though small, may play a significant role in reducing your financial burden.

Boost your energy

On average, a person thinks 60,000 thoughts every day. Now, around this time, when all that is on TV is negative news about the pandemic, a large majority of these thoughts are gloomy, depressing, and anxious. That can drain your energy and make you question if life is worth living. To avoid that, make yourself busy with a hobby or through exercise. Do something that pumps up your energy.

We are here to help

ACT Family Counseling is counseling is here for you if job loss has you are feeling overwhelmed and alone at this time.


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