The pandemic has changed many aspects of our lives, from how we shop to how we spend our free time. We do our best to maintain 6 feet from anyone we don’t know, and even those we know really well we still maintain some distance for safety. We elbow bump instead of hug, we use online conferencing for social gatherings, even our children are learning to have their get togethers online.

Stolen Moments

The hardest part is the inability to visit our sick. Whether it is our parent with dementia or our uncle with COVID. Our family members are struggling with their health with only hospital staff to provide comfort.

Both above cited cases are all too common unfortunately. Our elderly family members with mental health issues like Alzheimer’s or Dementia don’t do well on the phone if their disease is advanced. Language skills are challenging as well as the ability to process and retain what is being said to them. In fact, Alzheimer’s and Dementia patients rely considerably on facial expression and simple acts of touching and comfort to communicate. Obviously, this is a challenge with COVID.

Family members who have contracted COVID and are at risk are likely to be in a hospital, quarantined from the world and surviving on oxygen or a ventilator. Having a mask on your face to breathe makes talking on the phone, the only means of communication when in quarantine, quite difficult.

Keeping it Together

We are all hopeful as we see the vaccines being rolled out as quickly as possible. The rates of new hospitalizations are dropping but it will still be months before all the restrictions of the pandemic are lifted.

If you or someone you love has been affected by the lonely, dark times the COVID virus has inflicted on our lives, help is here. We are available to help you from six convenient locations, or by phone, by text, or by video. We do take most major insurances and many insurance companies are actually waiving co-pays.

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